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NFL has finally reached quarterback saturation. First time in forever, the league has more good quarterback than bad ones. The 2020 free agency was a roller coaster with established legends of the game moving cities and changing jerseys. The rookie quarterback class comes with more potential than other years too (Hello, Joe!). 2019 saw the quarterbacking baton been transferred to the newer bloods.

The season will see legit starters dawning the back up headsets while some teams will walk out their questionable starters because their GM messed up (chicago, wink-wink) or they are 'Losing for Lawrence' (Jags?).

Starting quarterback is the most important position in sport while back up quarterback is the second most important position in NFL. Which basically means that it's the most important article you will read today.

The list doesn't rank the quarterbacks from last year but strings the ranking on the predicted quality of play for the upcoming season.

Didn't make the cut: Taysom Hill - Overrated. Nobody knows what Sean Peyton really wants to do with Hill but signing a back up quarterback over and over doesn't sound ideal.

Jordan Love - Eh?! Really, Lefleur?

Dwayne Haskins - When your 1st round sophomore quarterback is not a top 40 quarterback based on my very scientific list, it's trouble.

Tyrod Taylor - Sadly, 'Tygod' will lose his job to Herbert exactly 2 weeks into the season.

40. Jared Stidham - NE

39. Gardner Minshew - JAC

38. Justin Herbert - LAC

37. Marcus Mariota - RAI

36. Kyle Allen - WAS

Ron Rivera moved from Carolina and traded for Kyle Allen right away (Rivera's stop gap choice in Carolina). It is more than likely that Kyle Allen will win the Redskins more games than Haskins. Dwayne's work ethic was a talking point all last year and it will continue till Alex Smith comes back (more on it later).

Herbert is an unknown at this point with high end tangible traits. The question remains on when Anthony Lynn will give Herbert the start ahead of Tyrod Taylor. Mariota might end up starting parts of next season after one of Gruden or Carr end up punching the other (Vegas baybay).

Bill Belichick not drafting a quarterback and sticking to Stidham is scary. The idea of replacing Tom Brady comes with extra pressure too. The last time Stidham took relevant snaps, he threw an interception and the Pats signed Cody Kessler next morning.

Sticking with Gardner Minshew could only be comprehended to the desire of tanking for the 2021 draft unless they pick up one of the available high end free agents (cue - Cam).

35. Alex Smith - WAS

34. Robert Griffin III - BAL

33. Nick Foles - CHI

32. Mitch Trubisky - CHI

31. Drew Lock - DEN

Alex Smith is an interesting case. If he was fit, he would have been way higher. Smith is one of the most underappreciated signal caller in the league from both the mental as well as physical stand point. He is planning on a comeback 18 months after a life threatening leg injury. He is on pace for the greatest comeback of all time! That in itself is worth the 35th spot.

Robert Griffin III might not be a 16 game solution but you would feel pretty good with him as your back up in the Baltimore system.

Trading for Nick Foles and not waiting up on Cam Newton or Andy Dalton to get released is a crime from the Bears front office. Trubisky will probably beat out Foles this season but neither will be the solution at QB position come 2021.

Lock had a great end to previous season. This ranking might look silly a year later given his growth trend and the loaded skill position (Juedy, Sutton, Lindsey).

30. Daniel Jones - NYG

29. Jacoby Brissett - IND

28. Teddy Bridgewater - CAR

27. Philip Rivers - IND

26. Josh Allen - BUF

Daniel 'Dimes' Jones will need to curb the interception to touchdown ratio. The lack of explosive wide receivers will hurt him but presence of Barkley in the back field during play actions could be lethal. Brissett started off great last season but lost his rhythm after the injury. Brissett being ranked 29th tells you that their are atleast 29 people who can start for your team and you won't be pissed at life.

Bridgewater is not a fancy pick for Carolina but wherever he has gone, he has won. Panthers strengthened their defense and every intention shows that they expect Bridgewater to not lose them game.

Rivers started free falling last season. His career might rejuvenate under Frank Reich but looks unlikely. Josh Allen is a polarizing quarterback. He has the arm and the athletic capability but he is inaccurate on deep throws and lacks touch passes. Buffalo can do so much more with their roster.

25. Tua Tagovailoa - MIA

24. Ryan Tannehill - TEN

23. Andy Dalton - DAL

22. Jameis Winston - NO

21. Joe Burrow - CIN

Joe Burrow is a baller. 21 feels low for a rookie quarterback in the worst team under a second year head coach but he is one guy who can actually turnaround the Cincy franchise. Burrow is exactly what Cincinnati needed.

You can't be disappointed with Ryan Tannehill as your quarterback. He does everything right and a perfect fit for the Titans system. Dalton is a better version of Ryan Tannehill. Dallas moved into peak superbowl or bust mode when they signed Dalton as their backup. Winston signing with New Orleans and interning under Sean Peyton and Drew Brees sounds ominous for every other NFC South team. High end teams have realized that backup is required to compete till February and Winston's signing proves that.

Tua is the wildcard. He is great but more than likely will start behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Tua needs to try being more like Brees and less like Russell Wilson. Health is the only question and it will be answered in time.

20. Derek Carr - RAI

19. Jimmy Garoppolo - SF

18. Sam Darnold - NYJ

17. Cam Newton - Free Agent

16. Kyler Murray - ARI

Raider's have given Carr every skill player and zero excuses for him to not succeed in Vegas. It feels like a now or never season. I will bet on Carr moving on to a backup role somewhere else next season. Jimmy Garoppolo underperformed in the biggest stage of them all and that has left a sour taste in 49er's front office. Garoppolo has gone from overrated to underrated within months but just like Bridgewater, he doesn't loose much.

I am a big Sam Darnold guy. He is smooth, has a quick release and someone you just enjoy watching play quarterback. This is the year for Darnold to put it all together and take hold of Brady-less AFC East. Cam Newton will enter some team as a backup coming season and take over the starting job within 2 weeks. Cam Newton on a vengeance tour is similar to Sting during NWO era (you don't want to mess with that). Kyler Murray is a baller. I predict 'Kyler Murray is better than Lamar Jackson' talk starting by end of next season. The team is not the strongest and the division is the strongest (bad match up).

15. Matthew Stafford - DET

14. Jared Goff - LAR

13. Ben Roethlisberger - PIT

12. Matt Ryan - ATL

This is the underrated quarterback block. Jared Goff has lived 15 years of NFL career in his 4 year tenure. I predict a comeback season from Goff in 2020. Big Ben is coming back from a one year break because of injuries. Ben needed it after 15 years of constant beat ups. AFC North is just brutal. NFL has never been as good as it is right now (wish I could say the same thing about the world). Matty Ice is ever dependable 12th best quarterback in NFL. That's all to be said. Stafford was having the best season of his career before getting injured. Stafford deserves better than Detroit and more than likely, will be on the move after 2020 season because of Detroit's incompetence mostly.

11. Drew Brees - NO

10. Baker Mayfield - CLE

09. Kirk Cousins - MIN

08. Dak Prescott - DAL

07. Carson Wentz - PHI

Brees lost his arm strength and it is a down slope NOLA fans would hate to see carry on moving forward. With Brees' new NBC contract, this could be his final season is Big Easy. I predict a breakthrough season for Cousins and Minnesota. The division is up for grabs and my prediction is for Viking's to take the next step. Can Cousin's win a MVP?

Baker Mayfield needs to go with the right throw and stop trying to please Odell Beckham Jr. It is playoff or bust in Cleveland. Baker is too talented to repeat the wrongs of 2019 season.

Dak will more than likely end up holding out 3-4 games for a north of 40 million contract but his worth is unquestioned in the Dallas offense. Carson Wentz is a top 3 quarterback in potential & wowability but injuries keep holding him back.

06. Tom Brady - BUC

05. Lamar Jackson - BAL

04. Aaron Rodgers - GB

Tom Brady has not been this low in annual quarterback ranking since 2003 but 6th position at the age of 43 is more than good. Brady has too many good receivers and tight ends to work with in Tampa Bay. The f**k you Belichick season is in full swing. Lamar has been consistently improving his throwing and accuracy. The only step remaining is to win a playoff game. The reigning MVP has a tough task in hand within the highly competitive AFC North. Aaron Rodgers is great but when pissed, Aaron Rodgers is 'Liam Neeson in Taken' great. Beware.

03. Deshaun Watson - HOU

02. Russell Wilson - SEA

01. Patrick Mahomes - KC

Deshaun Watson is as good as Patrick Mahomes on his day. Losing Hopkins will hurt Watson but Jordan of football doesn't need much to spell his magic. I stan Watson. Russell Wilson doesn't get used to his complete potency by Pete Carroll but that doesn't stop Wilson from being the sure fire first ballot hall of famer that he is. It is about time that Seattle go all in and hand over the complete control of the offense to Wilson.

Mahomes is a magician and an easy #1. He has reached 2007 level Brady, 2004 level Manning and 2011 level Rodgers in his 3rd season with a Superbowl already bagged and secured.

The depth at quarterback position is undeniably the strongest it has ever been. 2020 is a football dream I can't wait to live.

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