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Every guy needs a solid shoe closet. A 'solid shoe closet' does not mean having an ungodly amount of sneakers with exponential aftermarket sale price. It simply means the shoes every guy should own for every moment. Everyone loves shopping and there is nothing more satisfying than shoe shopping. The thing that gets lost in the hustle of finding that wicked sneaker is creating a perfect silhouette of shoe style that compliments every facet of your life. The minimalist lifestyle is the only way forward in 2020 and these 10 shoes will keep you stylish, classy and evergreen, even in the spring of 2045.

In the words of Deion Sanders, "If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good."

The Real All Star

Chuck 70 High Tops

The original 70's is the look that has defined the past century. The colors are plenty and could be a reflection of your inner vibe. Feel free to style them with your jeans, some suit action maybe, even a good ol' game of basketball - Wilt Chamberlain style.

Price: $85


Slide Right In

Adissage Slides

The basic classic is a must have for the pool days, post workout, or the beach rendezvous. Do everyone a favor and don't wear it outside for chores and expose your un-manicured feet.

Price: $25


Take Flight

Nike Air Force 1 Low

AF1's are iconic in the history of sneaker-dom. They have served as the canvas for artists worldwide. The shoe that debuted as part of the Basketball realm in the 80's has become part of the socio-economic culture of the 21st century. Nike provides the ability to customize your AF1's per your taste and so I did above. The luster of Air Force 1's lie in the idea of making it your own. So, Just Do It.

Price: $110


Everyday Of The Week & On Weekends

Thursday Boots Captain - Terracotta

This looks like the shoe you would wear for 40 years and then instead of passing down your watch, you would pass down this rugged beauty to your offspring. Do you own a bike? no need, just get this shoe. Want to look like a field operative from an international intelligence agency? This will fit the part. You can wear this boot to pretty much any occasion.

Price: $199


Multipurpose Dad Shoe

Fresh Foam Crag v2

Trail running or simply running shoes are definite essentials. Dad shoes have a negative connotation attached but they bring out the punny side. Who doesn't like puns? I would suggest a wider shoe and half a size bigger if running is the prime deed.

Price: $85


CHELSEA, CHELSEA, CHELSEA... You're The Greatest, aren't you!

AllSaints Harley Suede Boots

The idea of choosing one Chelsea boot and not five is a difficult venture. Suede does spotlight a Chelsea boot like no other. Whenever someone's confused about choosing a lifestyle commodity and AllSaints is a brand option, choose AllSaints. Chelsea's are multifaceted shoe that can pair well with everything except shorts. Friendly prompt: They are the greatest 1st date boots.

Price: $290


The Rogue BROgue

Cole Haan American Classic Kneeland Brogue Wingtip Oxford

The brogue wingtip signifies that you're serious but you don't take yourself too seriously. It's the perfect wedding attire or pop 'em out for those cocktail events. What started as a purely functional shoe for wading through the bogs of Scotland and Ireland has evolved into the stylish, multi-purpose, footwear for the ages. Keep them in your closet to feel like a style icon.

Price: $150


Doctors Order

Dr Martens - 1460 Men's Waterproof Lace Up Boots

Dr Martens or Timberland boots are the fall/winter classic. The waterproof rugged boots are bold and the most practical pair of boots you can own. I call them the winter converse. If your place doesn't get a prominent fall, you can buy these boots and bring winter vibes to you. Pro tip: Always get the Black Republic color scheme and they are wicked good concert boots.

Price: $160


Dressing Up Isn't A Chore

Baxter Wholecut Oxford

Oxford is the one stop shop for the minimal dress shoe lifestyle. The V shape of oxford accentuates the pulled together dress up look. You can go as formal as you want by wearing these oxfords - throw in a tux.

Price: $235


Off The Wall

Vans Slip-On

Vans Slip on are the lazy man's dream shoes. If you are bold enough then go for the OG checkboard design or else dive into the blacks. Black never hurt anyone. They are the most beloved sneaker among men, women, boys, girls, rich or the not so rich. Vans Slip On are perfect for making a quick Target run or going off the wall at your nearest skateboard park!

Price: $50


The 1 And Only

Air Jordan 1 High The Return "CHICAGO"

There is only one way to end this article. The story of this article was winding down to reach the ultimate pinnacle and the grand finale has to be the greatest sneaker ever made. Air Jordan 1's changed the industry for how we know it today. The sneaker culture took flight after the launch of these OG Jordan 1 back in '84. Nike sold $70M worth of them within 2 months of their launch. AJ1's was the way a generation grew up and another got to revere the legend of Michael Jordan. There is no wrong answer to your favorite Air Jordan but the OG- Chicago is the one that will live forever as the 1 and the only. They might be a little difficult to track down but it will be worth it.

Price: $500 - $1000


That's the holy grail collection of shoe you will ever need for an total price of $2100 approximately. If you had to choose one shoe for the rest of your life, which one would it be? LFG!

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