Movie-starish of the week!

-Simon Baker.

Mentalist is a great show for casual watching. I have been doing that relentlessly for the past week. Simon Baker's tea drinking character, Patrick Jane is layered and weirdly complicated. Lay back and enjoy the art of deduction with Baker Man.

sports-personish of the week!

-Klay Thompson.

All live sports are on halt which has made me revert back to highlight videos on YouTube. There is no better heat check moment in the whole wide world than Klaytheism. Klay's 37 point 3rd quarter audacity will make you happy and make you jump on your couch even though you have probably seen it hundreds of time before. WATCH IT HERE

Podcast episodish of the week!

-How I Built This With Guy Raz

Video Artist: Casey Neistat

Guy Raz goes deep into the weeds of coming up from nothing and creating a social media empire with Casey Neistat. The story of Casey Neistat is not only inspirational but fulfilling. It is a required listening it today's tough times.

ORIGINALish style of the week!

-Nike Air Force 1 '07

Another week, another classic. If you are feeling a little frisky then go for the design your own on the Nike website. Just Do It.

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