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Movie-starish of the week!

-Ana de Armas.


Knives Out was one of my favorite movie from last year. I rewatched it and realized how charming & amazing Ana de Armas is as an actress. Now, she is self isolating with Ben Affleck! Good for Affleck. 

sports-personish of the week!

-Zinedine Zidane.


Since, There is no live sport around the world anymore, I have gone back to watching highlights of my favorite players. Growing up Zidane had so much impact on how I process and thought about soccer. His panache, elegance on the ball and ball control will be unparalleled  in my eyes. WATCH IT HERE

Podcast episodish of the week!

-The Bill Simmons Podcast

Joe Buck chats with Bill Simmons


Simmons is one hell of an interviewer. He goes through his relationship with Joe Buck over years of sports moments. Both person are captivating as interviewer and interviewee. Listen in and get your mind off everything going around. 

ORIGINALish style of the week!

-Adidas Originals washed bucket hat


You probably can't go outside this summer but this hat will make you feel better and get you into the glorious summer vibe. The old school Adidas originals symbol will always be special. 

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